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Annotate PRO Beta Versions

Version 6.1.8, published July 11, 2021, is the new beta version of the Annotate PRO Chrome Extension.

Only use this new beta version if you want to try the new floating toolbar feature OR need better support for Google Docs/Classroom. Appreciations!

Users install Chrome Extensions like Annotate PRO (AP) from the Chrome Webstore. This guarantees security and automatic updates.

However, Google can take a week or more to review an update to an Extension like AP, which limits our ability to respond to bugs and release updates.

Join the AP beta program to gain instant access to a newer version of AP to:

  1. Experience new features/capabilities and help us test them.
  2. Get a bug fix for an issue affecting your use of AP.

You can gain instant access to the latest AP beta by:

  1. Joining the AP Chrome Beta Google Group
  2. Visiting this private link in the Google Chrome Webstore to install the latest beta just like any other Extension

You’ll only be able to get to step 2 if you complete step 1.


  • Note: using ALT-A to open AP from ANY webpage is one of our best features. Switching between production and beta versions of AP can confuse Chrome and you may need to manually specify the keyboard shortcut to get it working. Here’s how:
    1. Open chrome://extensions/shortcuts.
    2.  Click the ‘X’ in the Annotate PRO section.
    3. Click into the entry area and type “ALT-A” (both keys at the same time).
    4. Try it! AP should be back in business with the shortcut.
  • What’s NEW in the beta?
    • New Floating Toolbar feature (visit ‘A’ then gear icon then Settings then Toolbars then choose On: Float. 
    • Improved support for Google Docs and Google Classroom.
  • If you have the beta installed you’ll get automatic updates to the beta just like the production version of AP.
  • You can happily run both the production version of AP and the beta at the same time. Make sure to disable production if using the beta and vice versa. Visit chrome://extensions/ and toggle one of your APs off or uninstall the production version of AP. In the screenshot below we have toggled OFF the AP beta (Mar-8-2021) and toggled ON the production version (6.1).

Beta vs. Production versions of Annotate PRO

Please provide feedback or report issues with the beta by completing this form. In particular, look for toolbar strangeness (not showing up when you expect it, for instance), settings not ‘sticking’ and of course failures to insert your awesome pre-written comments!

We regularly provide individuals with a year’s access to all paid features and content as a small “thank you” for finding bugs and providing feedback on AP.

This is a link to the version of AP available to everyone in the Google Chrome Web Store. Since it can take a week or longer to get a new version reviewed and approved, you may want to try a BETA version if you’re experiencing problems with the production version downloaded from the Chrome Web Store