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Import an AP Library from Turnitin or CSV

AP supports importing plain CSV files and also Turnitin QuickMark™ Sets. Click here for instructions on exporting QuickMark sets.

Here’s a link to a Google Sheet you can copy and use. There are two tabs – the first tab shows you how to upload without Sub-Groups and the second shows how Sub-Groups should be represented.

To upload a CSV file make sure:

  • The file has a “csv” extension.
  • There are four (4) columns with the following headings:
    • Group
    • Sub-Group
    • Commment Label
    • Comment


AP+ and Institutional users can make more granular organization with sub-groups. 

  • Sub-Groups are only supported with premium/institutional accounts.
  • Leave the Sub-Group entry blank for a given row if you want the Comment to appear directly under the Group.
  • You can import up to 300 Comments into a Library

After importing check the sorting of Comments is how you want it, Favorite Comments and finish personalizing your expert feedback!