Category: Sentence Structure

Sentence Structure: For and Since

Use “for” and “since” with perfect tenses to talk about the duration of events which began in the past and continue until the reference point. Be careful to use the correct one for what you want to focus on: the length of time or the beginning.

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Awkward Construction

Sometimes a sentence sounds awkward or is difficult to understand because it contains multiple grammatical or punctuation errors or it might be that the idea you were trying to convey was too complicated to fit into a single...

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Sentence Structure: Tag Questions

Tag questions are statements with questions attached at the end of them. Tag questions can be either real questions or confirmations of known information. These questions are used more frequently in spoken English, but they can be effective in writing as well.

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Sentence Structure: Order of adjectives

Sometimes you want to describe a noun with two or more adjectives. There is a correct sequence for different types of adjectives. You might not need to memorize it, but you should know about it so you can check it when editing your writing.

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