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Intro to the Rogerian Argument

Tired of same-old organization for your academic argument? Or wish there was a less confrontational, winner-take-all approach? Try organizing for CONSENSUS with Rogerian Argument.

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Establish Your CREDIBLITY

Any writer needs to establish her credibility. Why read someone who you don’t believe or trust? Practice these skills to get it done quickly.

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Fallacy: Ad Hominem

It can be tempting, during an argument, to attack people who disagree with you, but people aren’t necessarily wrong simply because they have flaws. Name-calling and insults are not one of Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals for a...

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Write a More ORIGINAL Thesis

One of the largest challenges to moving from middle-school and early high school writing to more advanced work is the challenge to write something original. This doesn’t mean you have to invent some whole new theory of life, the universe, and everything. Rather, it means you have to make your reader think.

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Avoid a VAGUE Thesis

The more specific your writing, the more successful you will be at convincing others and communicating your ideas. Set yourself up for success in academic writing by crafting a specific thesis. Not a vague one. What is a vague...

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