Category: Academic Writing

Elegantly Include QUOTATIONS In Your Writing

Including quotes in your writing is one of the leading indicators of an accomplished academic writer. There are rules, and they are easy to learn. Once you’ve got them down and you can sprinkle quotes throughout your writing to support your points you’ll be on your way to creating slam-dunk arguments with the ability to persuade any audience.

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Design a Sentence That Includes a QUOTE

“Quoting others’ work is crucial to your success as a writer.
Students often have difficulty with this skill; growing proficient at quoting will mark you as a sophisticated writer. Not quoting, or quoting awkwardly, is like showing up to a formal wedding dressed in cut-off jeans. Similarly, filling a short paper with many, many quotes (particularly long quotes) will interrupt your reader’s concentration on your ideas.”

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Intro to the Rogerian Argument

Tired of same-old organization for your academic argument? Or wish there was a less confrontational, winner-take-all approach? Try organizing for CONSENSUS with Rogerian Argument.

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Establish Your CREDIBLITY

Any writer needs to establish her credibility. Why read someone who you don’t believe or trust? Practice these skills to get it done quickly.

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Fallacy: Ad Hominem

It can be tempting, during an argument, to attack people who disagree with you, but people aren’t necessarily wrong simply because they have flaws. Name-calling and insults are not one of Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals for a...

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