Academic writing is a genre unto itself – just like cartoons are a subset of TV shows.

There are expectations, rules both spoken and unspoken.

The good news? Most of them are easy to learn and once you can put them into practice you will be well on your way to academic success (read: better grades!).

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Choosing the Right Words

Choosing the right word is often more complicated than translating, which often leads to issues of appropriacy. Translating without a clear understanding of vocabulary can lead to the use of words that are rare, obsolete, or belong to an inappropriate genre or register.


In math, there can be more than one way to correctly solve an equation. Some might be easier or more difficult, but the most important thing is that you get the correct answer. For example, 2+2 and 1+1+1+1 and 2x2 and 22 all mean the same thing and will yield the same...

Word Choice: Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of frequency describe how often things occur, or how often we do things. These can be used as part of a hedging strategy, to describe frequency without having to use exact numbers. Learning to use indefinite adverbs appropriately is something that can be developed through extensive reading and listening.