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Release Notes – Annotate PRO Web Editor

Did you know you can edit your Annotate PRO library directly from a web browser? You don’t have to be ‘inside’ Microsoft Word 2016 or the Google Chrome Extension.

The link is: You can always reach it from the Edit Your Library choice in the Annotate PRO menu on our home page.

Just remember to REFRESH Annotate PRO in Word or Google Chrome after making any changes:

  1. Word 2016:
    1. Click the Refresh button on the Insert taskpane. This will pull down any changes from the server and update your search box, favorites buttons etc.
  2. Chrome Extension:
    • Visit the Edit page, choose a Comment Group, and click Update Comment Library. Same thing: this will pull down the latest and sync your entire library. We’ll consider adding a Refresh button to our Chrome Extension. It’s less necessary though, because the Edit view in Chrome is, essentially, the full browser experience.

Here are the Release Notes for the web library experience. Comments always welcome!

June 27, 2018

Finally! Fancy editing of Comments is here…!

Read our updated Editing Your Annotate PRO Content page and also how AP Comments appear in different solutions – like Microsoft Word vs. Gmail vs. Google Docs.

We also released the first version of AP Forms – so you can create multiple placeholders to prompt yourself or others to enter additional text.

Sharp eyed users may notice that editing is now handled by our secure website, not pages inside the Chrome Extension. The difference should be invisible to you…but it means that we now have one editing experience across Chrome, Microsoft Word, and web – making it easier for us to improve AP and create new features.

As always, feedback and ideas and constructive criticism welcome!

April 13, 2018

Lots of releases over the last six months – incremental improvements including:


March 15, 2017

This is the first release of the web view, designed particularly to help our Microsoft Word users because:

  • Editing in Word is a little limited – you can make taskpanes larger, but it requires extra steps.
  • Our poor Windows users are stuck using Internet Explorer 11! Ouch…2013 wants its browser back! Providing direct web access means you can use your favorite browser to update, then simply use Annotate PRO for Word 2016 to insert comments.