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How to Use the Feedback Builder

The Feedback Builder tool allows you to quickly piece together several comments into one allowing you to create narrative feedback or create a rubric style library that can then be pieced into one piece of feedback. 

Full Feedback Builder

Free users can copy comments to their clipboard. AP+ and Institutional users can harness the full power of the Feedback Builder to make narrative feedback. 

Choose the Library or Libraries you would like to use comments from. 

You can enter comments into the Feedback builder in the same way you generally add comments. You can use the search box, click on the Library’s name to get a view of its Groups, Sub-Groups and Comments, or choose one of the Favorite comments. 

You can also show or hide both the Favorites and the Translate tools.

In this example, we started by adding one of our + comments, which are for giving praise. Then we affixed a comment from the Presentation Skills Edition about how the student could improve at eye contact. The two comments add together nicely into feedback that is effective: praise + improvement. 

For paid users, there are two ways that you can configure how the builder handles comments. They can either copy directly to the clipboard or into the text box in the Feedback Builder. This is great for using Annotate PRO with applications outside of Chrome and Word, such as Slack or Teams. You can also enable or disable rich text. 

Once you’re happy with your feedback you can copy it to your clipboard to insert wherever you’d like.