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Purchase Options for Annotate


Annotate for Word is available in a number of ways to individuals and organizations around the world.


Individuals can purchase PRO versions of Annotate for Word College Edition or Legal Writing Edition using PayPal or a credit card. Institutional purchases (site licenses, purchase orders & invoices) should review our institutional licensing options or custom options.

  • For High School and College Instructors, Tutors, and Editors:

  • For Legal Writing Professors, Lawyers, and Paralegals:

Once you have paid, we’ll send you a personalized version of Annotate for Word PRO within 24 hours.

Your license is perpetual, and includes bug fixes and minor updates. We may release additional features in the future and make them available for upgrade pricing. We will keep pace with developments in Microsoft Word (2015, anyone?) and offer upgrade pricing for future versions.


Educational institutions purchase Annotate for Word PRO as an annual subscription. We provide a suite of installers, covering all versions of Word (2007/2010/2011/2013), including Mac and Windows, and faculty can install and use Annotate on as many computers as they like. Please Contact Us if you have questions about site licenses..

  • College Edition PRO:
  • Legal Writing Edition PRO:

Custom Versions

We can also customize the content of Annotate for Word to suit your academic and textbook needs. We can target State standards, or a particular writing handbook or other resource. We can also package your customized Comment Library with an installer so you can efficiently share Annotate Comments across your organization. Please Contact Us to learn more about custom versions of Annotate for Word.

Annotate PRO is in use by several faculty at a school. They have collaborated to edit the default Comment Library provided with Annotate, and want Annotate to be installed on all writing center computers (for use by tutors) and provided to all English and writing faculty.

11trees will take the customized Comment Library developed by the early adopting faculty, and use it to produce installers for all other users. That way the default library installed for all users is the custom library.

There is no additional charge for this service, but a minimum order of 10 copies of Annotate is required. The institution need only provide the Comment Library (an .sdf file for Windows users and a Word document for Mac Office users) and order the specific licenses; 11trees will provide installers using the customized Comment Library, efficiently sharing best practices and wisdom across campus.