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Annotate for Word College Edition


Millions of teachers and students use Microsoft Word to create, edit, and grade documents. Word includes sophisticated editing tools like Track Changes and Comments.

But Word’s basic tools fall short in some areas, and can be greatly enhanced to help make teachers more effective and efficient while grading papers – both at creating better feedback and saving paper.

Annotate for Word is a simple (but mighty!) add-in for Mac Office 2011 (sorry, no Mac Office 2008), and Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013.

The Annotate for Word FREE Edition  improves and unifies Word’s basic commenting features as well as adding custom buttons for frequent comments. It also lets you prove out Annotate and decide whether you’d like to invest in Annotate PRO College Edition.

Annotate for Word PRO – College Edition:

  • Designed for college and high school faculty
  • 70+ prewritten, plain-text comments
  • Content organized by Argument, Evidence, Organization, Writing Style, and Grammar/Mechanics to cover high school and college writing
  • Insert text as comment bubbles or inline text
  • Edit labels, content, and add 200+ comments of your own!
  • $45 per user

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Annotate for Word PRO College Edition includes over 70 pre-written comments in Argument, Evidence, Organization, Writing Style, and Grammar/Mechanics. Detailed comments on MLA and APA citation styles are included.Teachers can easily create their own assignment-specific text and add it to a document with two clicks. Versions are available for all major releases of Microsoft Word with the exception of Word for Mac Office 2008.

All of the buttons are in plain English – no arcane editing marks or acronyms. Labels, and their underlying text, can be easily changed to suit your needs. And because Annotate works inside of Microsoft Word, there’s nothing to learn – just highlight text, click a drop-down, choose the appropriate comment, and personalize for a particular student.

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Launched in July 2008, Annotate for Word PRO College Edition has helped thousands of teachers and students around the world, keeping pace with new versions of Word:

Dr. Kaye Shelton
Dr. Kaye Shelton Lamar University

Wow, I wish I had found this even sooner. With working with doctoral students, and trying to provide mountains of feedback, I need all the help I can get and this tool is exactly the thing I was looking for. I am also recommending the Writer’s Toolkit to all of my students.

Sonja Sheffield
Sonja Sheffield Strayer University

Any instructor should consider using AnnotateProCE for Word is you grade papers. There is no better way to provide positive feedback on writing and content than this software.

It is extremely easy to use.


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